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Total 1685 Participants in Bounty 1

What will you find here?
  • Bounty Categories
  • Report of Tasks
  • RETN Token Reward Disbursement
  • Mandatory Compliance to Win RETN.

Retainly is already disrupting the marketing automation world with its innovative features. While Retainly is working on 2 new modules - Virus - the contagious referral marketing platform, and Collie- The crypto rewards platform. An ICO is in the offering. Learn more about the ICO here. Retainly ICO Bounty Program is on a mission to ensure more and more people get to use RETN Tokens.


Bounty Categories

Click respective Bounty Categories to learn more and receive specific instructions. 

Report: All the Bounty tasks to be reported on Bitcointalk bounty thread inorder to get your Karma scores updated, Reporting to be done on Saturday end of the day and the scores will be updated by every Monday.


Karma Points

Each and every activity will reward you with a Karma Point. Unlike others, we are very clear about the value of each Karma Point. In addition, Retainly has done good research to ensure that it offers the highest rewards to the participants, more than any other ICO. 

2 Karma = 1 RETN (0.00083085 ETH)

Bounty Token Allocation

Bounty Program %age Allocation of Budget RETN Tokens Equivalent ETH
Social Media Bounty 10% 5,000,000 4,154
Content Writing and Publishing 15% 7,500,000 6,231
Referral 8% 4,000,000 3,323
Smart Contract Audit 0.50% 250,000 208
Whitelisting for ICO 1% 500,000 415
Translation 0.50% 250,000 208
Platform Early Adopters 50% 25,000,000 20,771
Partner Program 15% 7500000 6,231

Get a Task by Task Karma Points here.

RETN Token Reward Disbursement

Bounty 1 Tokens havebeen distributed in December 2017.

Bounty 2

All rewards and Karma points will be accumulated by you till the end of our Public Sale (Expected to end by 31st  March 2018). Your earned RETN Tokens will be transferred phase wise Bounty. Rewards will be paid in RETN.

Mandatory Compliance to Win Rewards

All participants need to mandatory follow Retainly's Social Channels as a primary qualification to receive and participate in the Bounty Program. 

Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | YouTube | Telegram

How to Register for Bounty Program?

Sign up with your details using this link. Ensure that your details are accurate so that we can track your tasks and reward you accordingly. Those who have already registered are not required to regsiter again.

If you need any clarification reach out to us on telegram, links are updated on the website.